Great Godists

Some great Godist

Godists are exceptional people. Many of them have achieved greatness in many areas of life. All the great prophets, messengers and religious reformers (not leaders) were Godists. That is why they were often referred to as Son of God. Man of God, Servant of God etc.Jesus, Zoroaster, Kabir, Gautama. Moses, Elijah, Melchisedec and Oduduwa were Godists.


In science Godists have excelled. Einstein, Freud, Pasteur, Newton, Pythagoras, etc were some of the finest Godists of their time. All great thinkers were Godists. Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, etc were evidently Godists. Most revolutionaries and icons expounded Godism horizontally and vertically. Luther, Karl Max, Montesqui, Ghandi, Voltaire, Rosseur, Awolowo, Abiola were Godists in one way or the other. The richest ,man in the world today is obvious a Godist – Bill Gates


The ultimate result of Godism is a state of super-consciousness called “Free”.

Read what these people have to say about Godism and free.


“As a result of the Godism understanding I have had, I can respond positively even to negative situations. My mental stabilizer is functioning better and I am a more balanced and sensible person.”

Uchenna B. Mbachu

Computer Scientist


“I know who I am and why I am. Godism has answered all my questions and calmed all my fears. My understanding of God is now so vital to my daily life. I am more considerate and discriminate in my thinking, talking and acting.”

Bernard Okudu

Medical Doctor


“With Godism, you cultivate your unlimited ability because you know success is a mind game. After all, nothing is impossible to one who believes. I now know that to believe is to know and to know is to own.”

Tony G.



“I am now a healthier person and my son’s bent leg is now straightened since we started applying the principles of Godism.”

Joy Ajao


“Godism showed me how to be in full control of my situation. Now I take care of situation before situation takes care of me. At work, I find myself doing my best and being my best.”

Ernest I.

Civil Engineer


“Godism provides a way of life above eating, sleeping, mating and defending.”

Koko Yinkere



“I now know God.”

Kenneth Kaunda

Ex – Head of State


“Many people ask me the purpose of life, I recommend Godism.”

Majek F


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