The Powerful Prayer



“Sing God is Good, sing God is Good, sing God is Good in thanksgiving, adoration and wonder, for in the past, present and future, there is no technique, no technique, no other technique to the goal of Godism”.

Uvo 1,000


*On the 7th of August, 1985 as His Holiness,UfuomaBernard, Prophet of Godism prayed fervently at Bar Beach, Lagos, bells started ringing from heaven and a Voice banged, “Look! Write!” “I have no pen and paper,” He said. “Look! Write in your heart,” The Voice thundered. He looked. Written in rainbow God revealed the God is Good Prayer. “Whosoever utters this prayer is blessed,” The Voice thundered.


God is Good

Good is God

Hosanna Halleluyah

Love is Life

Life is Love

Halleluyah Hosanna

God is Glory

Glory is God

Hosanna Halleluyah


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