Biographical Note

Ufuoma Bernard was raised in Warri, Delta State, Nigeria and attended the University of God. At the age of nine Ufuoma was already debating with the leaders of the church and asking questions they were unable to interrogate. At the age of twelve, when he was already a student at Urhobo College, Effurun, he had already proved he was an extraordinary person and that his gifts were from On High.


One evening when Ufuoma was with his playmates he moulded a bird with mud and breathed upon it and it flew. On another occasion when he was taunted with an orange by a friend he took a seed from the orange, planted it on his left palm and breathed upon it and it grew into small tree with small oranges. They were occasions he turned water to wine and boiled eggs with cold water.


In December 1980Ufuoma had a vision. He fell in a trance for days and his spirit was lifted to Heaven where he floated with Angels in great joy. On the last day Ufuoma saw God!God told him the Secret of Life and the Story of Manand crowned him Melchisedec II! His vision and mission is to show that God is in the soul as the soul is in God just as the fish is in the water and the water is in the fish. Ufuoma is a fire where those who can light their candles come for flame


Articles by Ufuoma

Ufuoma has recorded Godism in three Scriptures as God revealed it in this age. The Urhukpe, The Ule and The Uvoand The Godist, the Handbook of Godism Technology which contains the Secret of Life and the Story of Man. You can order for these Scriptures to know more about Godism, Melchisedec II and his writings and teachings. He has written classical essays like Priesthood, Truth, Love of God, Oh God, Who is God?, Make a Wise Choice, etc.

these Scriptures, books and other Godism paraphernalias are the quickest way to move up toward self-realization and God realization.


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