Chanting ‘OM’


Omniscient, Omnipresent and Omnipotent

Chanting OM can

  • Expand your consciousness
  • Help you experience dreams and visions
  • Heal a diseased mind
  • Bring Truth, Love, Peace and Bliss
  • Bring wisdom, health and wealth


Chanting OM brings God to man

With your eyes closed, take in seven inhalations and exhalations to atomize your being. Then begin to chant OM (pronounce like the word Aum) in a deep sound: Ommmmm. Continue for up to ten minutes. Chant OM with concentration and contemplation and it will automatically bring God to you and bring you to God.



and allow the Omific

vibration to atomize your being”

  • The Godist


For more information about OM and The Divine Message of Godism, contact the Headquarters Temple of Godism, City of God, #2 God Avenue, Off TAP Junction, Port Harcourt/Aba

Expressway, Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Or Call +234 (0)803 331 3385


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