Godism is a set of Spiritual Principles and Practices launched  in April 1985 by Nigerian Journalist Ufuoma Omorere Bernard. The purpose of Godism is to lift people from the lowest level of humanity to the highest level of divinity.

It is the Master-key to wisdom, health and wealth. Godism can set your soul free from diabolical oppression and aggression, from witchcraft, sorcery and from evil thoughts, words and actions.

Godism enables a person to overcome the devils and evils of his/her own nature that ever binds him/her to miserable reactions,



Technically, Godism is made up of two words: the prefix God and the suffix ism. God is the Almighty Person while ism means teachings, principles and ideas. Simply defined, Godism is the teachings, principles and ideas of the Almighty Person.

This is Godism – what God loves, I love; what God hates, I hate; what God does, I do; what doesn’t do, I don’t do; what God says, I say; what God doesn’t say, I don’t say. Godism is above religion and more than a church. Godism is the way of God. The best way to God!

Godism is all about spirit, soul and body; it is an integrated message that combines wisdom, health and wealth as its thematic values.

Godism “Complimentary and alternative faith”(CAF). The difference between Godism and others is, Godism is non-dogmatic approach to God

Godism is authentic, not synthetic. Godism gives you the master-key to paradise. Godism is super consciousness. It is the state of absolute Truth, Love, Peace and Bliss.