Everyday, everywhere, everyone uses comparison. The word “Like” is often used to transfer the qualities or feelings we associate with one to another. For example in “my love is like a red, red rose,” the beauty we find in the rose is figuratively transferred to the beloved. The beloved is not like the rose in every aspect (thorns, for example).

In general, the word “like” compares A to B in such a way that we respond to A as we would to B, where A is the thing talked about and B is the thing to which it is compared. Thus, in the aforementioned example, “love” is A, and “rose” B.


The word “like” compares two things by proposing that one is similar to the other. “Like” simply defined, is that which is similar or in other words, simile.



“Be ye therefore perfect like God which dwelleth in Heaven”

– Matthew 5:48


God is Good! The Advanced Learners Dictionary, defines God as the Almighty Being, and defines Good as having the right qualities.


A Godist must be Godlike by living right and righteous in public and in private, through always thinking good thoughts, speaking good words and doing good things.


God is above opposite or duality or relativity or polarity – birth and death, like and dislike, man and woman and pain and pleasure. God is transcendental to the law of opposite that controls time, place and circumstance because God is Spirit. So, a Godist is spiritual. As a child and spark and part of God, he maintains equilibrium or equanimity or equibity  before the ups and downs of life, he is spirit soul and spirit soul is indestructible, immovable, unbreakable, unbendable and never dying, ever living. A Godist dwells and swells in the world of God, being good to friends and enemies, and staying calm before the perplexity and anxiety of birth, disease, oldage and death.



“Ye can do more than me if you have faith…”. – John 14:12


Like Jesus, the Godist must build his treasures on the truth of God, because where your treasures are, there your mind will be. Like Jesus, the Godist must love God with his spirit, soul and body and he must also love his friends and enemies as he loves himself. Like Jesus, the Godist must stand strong against wrong, and against every foul and filty lifestyle. Like Jesus, the Godist must see the spirit above the body, selflessness above selfishness, kindness above wickedness, Christianity above Churchianity, and truth above fact. Like Jesus, the Godist must be ever ready to lay down his physical life for his brethren. Like Jesus, the Godist must be so filled with the Spirit of God that at physical death he easily achieves resurrection and transfiguration and glorification.


Mahatma Ghandi, a Hindu, saw God truths in all religions, though born in a high caste he saw those born in lowly castes as equals and fought and suffered for them. A Godist must be like Mahatma.


Mother Theresa sacrificed her wealth, health and wisdom to tend the sick, dying, destitute and the orphans. Should we not be like her? SiddanthaGauthama rejected the crown for the cross, abandoned humanity for divinity and he crossed the bridge from selfhood into Godhood. Must one be a Buddhist to be like him?


When Mohammed rose up against idolatry and questioned the rationale of worshipping idols and shadows, and requested man to worship only the a Almighty God, need one go to Mecca before one can say, Amen? Let us be like Mohammed and know that God alone is God and that there is no God but God.


Let us be like Krishna, who spoke loud and clear about spirituality. Let us achieve self-cognition; “I am spirit soul. Bodily garment is the vehicle I use in my journey on earth.” Let us practise love of God and begin to return back home, back to God.



“Go to the ant thou sluggard, consider her ways and be wise.” 

 – Proverb 6:6

Let us be like the moon. In the sky are billions of stars yet only the moon lights our world because it is the closest to it. At night fireflies and glow-worms flash their lights on and off to send special messages to one another. In the darkest of times let us be like the fireflies and glow-worms.

Butterflies and moths go through stages to become adults, they start life as eggs and hatch into larvae and then pupa before becoming full blown butterflies. Godists should not be static. Like butterflies and moths they must keep experiencing the metamorphosis of spiritual life, from neophytes to acolytes to adepts.

Stick insects have special shapes that disguises them. They are long and thin and look like sticks. Godists like these insects should device special shapes. In India they should look like Hindus, in Saudi Arabia they should use the Koran, in Israel they should quote the Talmud. If you want to give a very bitter pill to a baby you camouflage it with sugar.

Dragonflies are fast flying and amazing in the air. They can soar straight up, dive down, twist and turn, hover in one place and even fly backwards, all at high speeds. Now, why should Godists not be like the dragonflies?

Crickets and grasshoppers make joyful music, and are champion jumpers. Like these insects, let us make a holy noise as we hop from place to place with Godism.

Ants live together in meritocratic communities. A community can have hundreds, thousands, or even millions of ants. They dig underground tunnels and rooms. They have rulers, workers and protocol officers. Like ants, Godists must build Righteousia– righteous communities of God-like people. Ants are very strong. Some can lift things fifty times their weight. That is like a man carrying a Hippopotamus. In the Republic of Righteousness we must be strong like ants.

Some bees fly many miles each day, collecting nectar, the sweet juice found in flowers. A honey bee may visit 600 flowers to gather a load of nectar for the hive. It takes about 1,000 loads to manufacture just one teaspoon of honey. Like bees we must be busy with the Lord’s Ministry, travelling far and wide winning souls. A Godist may visit 600 people to call one soul to the Lord’s Ministry. It takes about 1,000 souls to form a congregation.


People, plants and animals live on Earth because it is not too hot or too cold. It has plenty of water to drink and air to breathe. Godism must be like the Earth. It must have plenty of truths to teach and examples to give, yet it must not be too expensive or too cheap.

When the sun rises and sets, it looks like it is moving. But it is really the Earth that moves. The Earth spines like the top. It makes one complete turn every 24 hours. When one part of the earth faces the sun, we have day. When it turns away from the sun, we have night. Like the Earth, we spin around God. When we are in the higher octaves of Truth, Love, Peace and Bliss, we have Light. When we are in the lower octaves of Fear, Lust, Envy and Hate, we have night.

The sun is giant ball of hot, glowing gas. The Sun gives Earth heat and light, without which there will be no life on Earth. Like the Sun, let us be giant balls of hot, glowing devotion to God. Let us give light where darkness is.